'One cannot speak anymore of being, one must speak only of mess.' - Samuel Beckett

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mr Kalashnikov and his amazing rubber weapon

I think that it's time to unearth a frankly unbelievable fact, namely that the AK-47, standard issue for a plethora of happy armies across the globe is, in fact, completely made from rubber. Huge chorus of laughter errupts! I'm used to this response and people say that I'm mad but seriously, really, really really.

I know that they don't look like rubber and the very slim possibility that they might, this feirce, insanely reliable beast of killzone burden, be made of something other than wood/laminate and gun metal, might, just might be made from rubber, might be a little crazy. This can't be you say, how, what about all the deaths and stuff? All very odd, very hard to explain, a shot in the pants for those stung by this fiery jester!!

Mr Kalasnikov (tiny above) was made of rubber and so was his mother and her mother before her and so on all the way back to the very first rubber of them all. The Kalashnikovs are the children of a most unlikely evolutionary path throughout the five million years since we climbed down from the arbors and crossed newborne grassland plains in search for alternate snacks. Whilst Erectus honed his senses with the pedantry suitable to branch swinging survival, the Kalashnikovs meanwhile found ways to absorb the energy of impact. Their freak genome allowed for a reduction in cerebral mass otherwise required by erectus to hone precise distance and object recognition. Less brain mass meant a more energy efficiant hominid and one that bounced.

So millions of years later Kalshnikov gave birth to the AK-47 and naturally it too was made of rubber. As for the outrageous range of fatalities metered out by this finely calibrated anomaly over the years? Mind over matter folks and those people, the ones that don't bounce, they'll believe anything.

an alternative to the real thing: http://www.magnum12.com/rubberbandgunsAK47.htm