'One cannot speak anymore of being, one must speak only of mess.' - Samuel Beckett

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Boxing the hazy

It's a small cardboard box that delivered a small number of DVD's from the states that unexpectedly became the container of everything that I could of been. I wrapped the box quickly, in tears, with masking tape. I would have liked to have gone on winding and winding but you have to stop (Like a scream spontaneous transference has a begining and an end.)

I should have left it at that but the next day I wrote a letter to the masking tape manufacturer asking them to consider sponsorship so that I could just go on winding and winding. I faxed the letter to a Mrs Hart of the marketing department and followed it up with a phonecall the next day. So far I've had no reply and I think that the small drawing that I did to illustrate the purpose of my request might have put them off.